Misc. Other Notes:


Regard those levels with a certain amount of scepticism. I'm sure you'll find some that you think are rated too high or low, so have I as a matter of fact. But where I put them is where they stay. Just look for tunes you'd like to play, and see if it's playable for you. Some times a sheet will look pretty easy, and turn out to be quite difficult to play, or the other way around.

Also, just about any piece is simple enough if you only play 2 measures.... then the next 2, and the next, and eventually you'll get there. I had barely made it through 'Ode to Joy'(2) (oh don't we all get to play that one!) when I started on 'Jesu bleibet meine freude'(5), just because I love that piece so much, I was determined to be able to play it (some day anyway). Nothing wrong with that. Only thing important is that we have fun with what we're playing.

And, of course, nowadays most people have a keyboard rather than a 'real piano' (as do I) - meaning they have all kinds of voices and 'styles' available to them. So by the touch of ONE finger on a key, you'll have a whole ensemble playing the chords, arpeggios or what not behind your otherwise rather lonely right hand. Making a very simple score sound pretty good to us. If you're a novice to all of this, you can have a look at 'Det kimer nu til Julefest'(2), which was my first attempt at doing just that. Where the straight piano on that level (listen to 'midi') gets rather torturous to listen to, the 'cheaters version' (listen to 'played by me') is much easier on the ears. 

Some of the scores are written with just that in mind, 'Il Silenzio'(4) for example is written for trumpet, 'Mazurka'(5) for accordion, a bunch of walzes specifically to play with a nice 'style'.


Originally I only offered fingering on the very first beginners sheets. But I kept getting requests for fingerings on this, that and the other sheet, all the way up to the top. So, now I'm uploading a 'fingered' version as well, whenever possible, up to level 5. If I've got it, I'll offer it.

I'm not really sure why my fingerings are interesting. I'm also baffled by comments I see on YouTube, on some piano-playing-videos, like 'you're using the wrong fingering'. Really?? What is right for me is not necessarily so for someone else. I am a relatively small person, with small hands and feet, which sucks when I'm buying shoes or playing the piano. I see piano players on the web, with nice big hands and long fingers (and a lot more practice I imagine) that span easily over an octave. How nice for them. For me, playing a solid chord like D7 (4 notes spanning an entire octave) is next to impossible, which is why you won't find any of those in my scores.  So I'm pretty sure their fingerings will be different from mine. So will fingerings suitable for little children be.

That said, if you want them, be my guest. If you don't like them, don't complain, make your own.