A personal note:

Sept. 2010  How it all began:

Oh, how short the memory of piano players. Typically I will read/hear statements like, “Oh this is real easy to play” or “This is a good piece for beginners”, and when I go look it up or download it, I am staring at a sheet, that maybe I will be able to play in say 2 or 3 years, if I practice real hard in the meantime.

When I say beginner, I mean all-the-way-down-at-the-bottom-never-seen-a-piano-before-beginner. And when I say real easy, I mean I-am-lucky-if-I-can-hold-down-a-simple-chord-with-my-left-hand-while-playing-two-other-notes-with-my-right-hand-easy.

There are 2, maybe 3, websites that actually have (free) sheet music for real beginners. Problem for most of us (I don’t imagine I’m all that unique) is, that they mainly serve up things like “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Mary had a little lamb”, which, if you are over the age of 6, holds little interest. Or pieces that I have either never heard of (and it’s much harder to play music you don’t know), or really don’t care for that much.

Once we get over the first hurdles of “where is middle C”, and “how do I get my left thumb and right thumb to press a key at the same time”, we start looking for music to play. And I do mean music, not scales and exercises. And, since we are going to be practicing for quite some time on one little piece to learn to play it, it had better be something we can stand to listen to as well, preferably something we really like. I have found (and most music teachers seem to agree with me) that motivation is depending on us liking what we do. I will happily practice a tune I really like for hours on end, where as I’m quickly fed up with music I don’t care for.

Thus starts the great search for music we like and can play. Maybe it’s a tune of Bach you’d like to play, or maybe a Beatles song, or maybe the theme song from your favorite game. What ever it is, you are very lucky if you happen to find it somewhere, in a version that you have a chance at learning. It is frustrating, to say the least.

Now, it’s my experience that “instructions for dummies” are best written by the “dummies” themselves (trust me, I’ve done a few), because they still remember what is hard and what is not. So, being a “dummy” myself (novice piano player), I have started to compile all the hard-to-find sheets that I can lay my hot little hands on (or make when not available elsewhere), and make it available to anyone who wants them on my webpage.

I am trying to include as wide a variety as I can, but obviously, what enters my list will mostly be things that I happen to like myself. Still, I’m hoping this will be a very long list, so you should have a chance of finding something to your liking as well.

Anyone who has suggestions to what could be added to this list, is welcome to leave a message in the 'comments' page.

2013  Misconception:

So, in my list of sheets, I had a number of sheets from another website also providing free easy sheets. Simply because I was listing whatever I found to be interesting and easy to play (as an adult beginner) and wanted to share that list with others, as a one-stop-shopping-list you might say. All of those of course listed with their name plastered all over it, no infringement intended here.
I guess I was under the impression that we all were just trying to share/provide as many sheets for the hungry beginners out there, free of charge, and that it couldn't possibly matter where they'd find it and/or download it.

Well....  I was wrong. Someone took exception to that. So, I have closed my website with the intention of removing any and all of those from my list. I will only have my own arrangements, and a few of those allowed - or actually requested - to be hosted by me, in the future. Whenever I get the time and inclination to do so.

Nov. 2014

Well, that took me a while to get around to do some updating. Frankly, I'm a busy person, and I was a little miffed too I guess, so it wasn't on my priority list.

To my amazement.... when I had a look at my domain-stats recently, I discovered that although my site has been 'down for maintenance' for well over a year, it is still receiving 40-50 thousand visits per month.  No idea how and why I'm getting all this traffic, but I take it to mean that there are still people eagerly seeking music to play.

So, to honour those people, I will get my little behind in gear, and get the promised updating done with.... and also add some new sheets I've been working on lately.

And, to those of you wondering, I'll confess I'm still a 'dummy'... I will never progress past these beginner levels. I started late (just turned 60) and never seem to get much of anywhere. I'm one of those people who work hard at something for a while, then some other project needs my attention. And with piano playing, it's definitely 'use it or loose it', so each time I get the time and inclination to get back to playing, I have to start almost from scratch again.

That doesn't bother me though. I have great fun with my keyboard, enjoy it immensely every time I concour a new small piece. And that's all that matters to me. And... that also means I'm constantly on the search for something new to play, often a new piece of music I've just heard, which is the ones most impossible to find anywhere. And that should be good news to some of you out there, because that means this collection should continue to grow.